ON THE STANDS December 2014

Her own rules

Four years ago, Parineeti Chopra could just about fit into an Economy Class seat on a plane. The Bollywood star has since dropped eight sizes from 16 to 8, but says she has a long way to go.

Fewer Aches. Less Pain. No Limits.

Your body can be 10 years younger, stronger, and nimbler, without more effort. All it takes is a quick lesson in prehab, exercise's new fountain of youth.

12 Ways to find joy every day

There are so many things that bring us joy. Some say they find happiness in a good bargain or a delicious meal. Well, we all like a good meal or a great buy as well, but does it guarantee joy? Perhaps not. How can we elevate the way we feel when biting into a dessert into a feeling of pure joy? Here are some ways to maximise the joy we feel every day and turn them into moments of happiness.

Fix Issues at Work

Working at a desk all day long can give you neck and shoulder pain. Get relief by practising these simple yoga poses.